5 Lessons Learned: Dogs

Queer Dog Behaviours and Their Meanings

The unique nature of dogs makes them quite interesting. What stands out most in dogs is their essence of good communication.

At times, however, your dog could be asking for more than just the usual pet needs. In most cases when things are not right, your dog might show one of three major symptoms. Although the causes could be varied, it’s always imperative to act first and question later.

One of these symptoms is scratching, which is a big pointer to the presence of fleas in their fur. Fleas hide in your dog’s fur where they lay eggs and then bite, thus causing the scratching stimulus. If you have a cat as well and you see the same behaviour too, the message should be loud and clear since both cats and dogs are attacked by the same breed of fleas. Besides dealing with the fleas in your pets’ fur, you should also make haste to treat your entire house as well since the fleas will attack you next.

While efficiency at getting rid of the fleas in your house and off your pets is mandatory, convenience is also needed, something which is provided by Advecta. Though fleas are bound to come visiting once you have a pet, their frequency of occurring can be limited by regularly using a flea comb on your dog or cat. This is useful in eradicating them before they can increase by breeding. Constant vacuum treatments on carpets and regular clean-ups of the house are basic measures that help keep fleas away.

Another abnormal symptom is diarrhoea or a general sickly behaviour. Though throwing up for cats is generally normal, the same doesn’t apply for dogs. Chocolate is one of those things that make dogs really sick and you should rush to your vet if you suspect they’ve eaten some.

At other times your dog might just be a bit under the weather and not in the mood for a walk. The best thing to do at such times is let them be and watch them closely for vital signs. You should also keep administering small portions of fluids regularly as you monitor your pet. If symptoms seem to be getting worse, do not hesitate to take the dog to your vet.

The other major unusual behaviour in dogs is coughing and tiredness. Although there are many causes to these, one major cause is the presence of heartworms, which should be urgently attended to by the vet. Incidences of heartworms can be prevented by regular treatments, which work on developing worms. Adult worms are not affected by these treatments however. Annual tests by your vet are important too.
Dogs need attention all the same, through their peak as well as off-peak moments. A prolonged life for a happy dog comes as a result of attentive care.

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