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Reasons Why People are Advised To Get a Lawyer in Both Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Cases

Many people do not understand why the defendants need to have a criminal defense lawyer as they assume that the law is always fair and hence should have faith on it. This people lack the understanding that some aspects of the law are not very clear and hence if you do not have a good lawyer you may end up in jail. Although the injury you suffered is covered under the insurance policy. However, it is necessary to hire a personal injury advocate in Columbia. By having a Columbia criminal defense or personal injury lawyers you can get the following benefits.

Both criminal defense lawyers and personal injury advocates protect their clients into being pressured by the prosecutors and other lawyers into making hasty decisions. If you have hired a lawyer the prosecutor or the other party’s lawyers cannot approach you without your lawyer being present. The insurance company’s lawyers are known for approaching injured people and pressuring them into agreeing a very small amount of compensation.

By having a personal injury lawyer you can not give in to the pressures as you know that you have a qualified lawyer to represent you if the cases go to trial. Also even if you are guilty having lawyers will help minimize the penalty you get for the crime.

If you do not have a lawyer or the lawyer you hired is incompetent the prosecutors and the other party’s lawyers will keep on postponing the court hearing date so that they can build a strong case against you. Insurance companies take advantages of a person’s lack of legal counsel to cause unnecessary delays designed to make you agree to whatever amount of money they offer as compensation. Hence you need to have a good criminal defense lawyer or personal injury advocate to expedite the case hearing process whenever necessary. Your lawyer may file a request to the court to dismiss the case as the prosecution team is only wasting time as they do not have evidence to charge you.

The jail term you are sentenced to serve or the total fine amount will be determined by the experience of the criminal defense lawyer you hired. You should know that the prosecutors aim to have all the accused persons facing the maximum penalty. So if you do not have a personal injury lawyers chances are the amount you get paid will not even be sufficient to cover the medical costs. The best criminal defenses lawyers in Columbia will convince the judge and the jury to give a fair ruling.

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