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Financial decision-making has largely ignored our dependency — and impact — on nature. As a result, we’re now on course to destroy the very ecological wealth that has underwritten millennia of human progress and prosperity. But 2021 could be the year we choose a better path.               

Be Clear About What We Stand to Lose

First, let’s be clear about what we stand to lose. The benefits that nature provides — crop pollination, water and air purification, pest and disease control, climate regulation, storm surge protection and so much more — are essential to everyday life. These ecosystem products and services are also the life blood of our economy: Roughly $44 trillion of the world’s economic output, or a little more than half of global GDP, is either moderately or highly reliant on the bounty that nature provides. 

We seem to have forgotten the simple rule not to eat your seed corn. Unsustainable economic activities, from deforestation to agricultural expansion and intensification,

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