We’re confident that this Dog Treat Club will get any dog’s tail wagging, and we give Pet Treater our highest rating in 2020.

TopConsumerReviews.com recently gave its top ranking to Pet Treater, a popular option among online providers of Dog Treat Clubs.

Subscription boxes have taken the nation by storm, as a fun way to get familiar with new products and enjoy surprises each month. But why should people be the only ones who get to have all of the excitement? Dog Treat Clubs offer Fido and Fifi something to chew on, play with or eat with regular deliveries right to their doorstep (or doghouse!). These clubs are a great gift-giving idea, with plans ranging from quarterly to yearly, and sometimes with options to customize for big or small dogs. Most Dog Treat Clubs are backed by a customer-friendly satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that each package is a big hit for canines and their companions alike.

“Pet Treater’s Dog Treat Club is a delightful addition to the subscription box marketplace,” according to Brian Dolezal of TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC. “Each box comes with an assortment of products for your furry best friend, from toys and treats to accessories and grooming supplies. The company takes great care to ensure that none of their edible treats are sourced from China; in fact, most of the surprises in their Dog Treat Club are made in the US or Canada. Customers can select between two different box sizes (3-4 items vs. 5-8), and a ‘Try It Out Now’ box offers a great way to see what Pet Treater sends before committing to a recurring membership. People say that this Dog Treat Club really ‘leads the pack’; we were amused by client stories describing how their dogs started to recognize their monthly boxes when they were delivered. And, we love how the company is committed not just to their customers but also to helping others, with regular donations to animal shelters throughout the US. We’re confident that this Dog Treat Club will get any dog’s tail wagging, and we give Pet Treater our highest rating in 2020.”

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About Pet Treater

Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your pet every month with quality items that won’t break your wallet. Our pets deserve the best that we can possibly afford. At Pet Treater, you can afford so much more because they carefully select products with the best pricing so they can make sure your box is full of the items your pet will love.

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