How to Block Your SBI ATM Card

Today We Know How to Block Your SBI ATM Card.If you’ve misplaced your SBI ATM card or had it stolen and need to have it temporarily disabled but aren’t sure how, you’ve come to the correct spot. To that end, I’ll be detailing every option for freezing your SBI ATM card below.

Misuse of a lost ATM card is a real possibility. If the card is going to be used fraudulently, you should immediately get it blocked. There are a number of options available from the State Bank of India to temporarily disable your SBI ATM card. In this article, I will detail every option available to you. Pick the simplest method to successfully Block your card.A lost or stolen SBI ATM Card must be reported immediately so that the card may be banned and the account can be secured.

In the event that you lose your SBI ATM card, you may immediately get it blocked to protect yourself from any potential losses that may result from fraudulent or illegal use of the card. The process of cancelling an ATM card with the State Bank of India is streamlined to be quick and easy. Every SBI account customer may now take the precautions required to safeguard their SBI ATM card from fraud and abuse. Examine the uncomplicated instructions on how to freeze your SBI debit card over the internet, a text message, or the phone service.

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Requirements to block SBI ATM card

  • The Mobile Number on File with the Bank.
  • Before using SBI SMS Banking, you must first register your cellphone number with the bank.
  • The digits on your bank card.

How to Block Your SBI ATM Card

How to Block SBI ATM Card through Mobile Banking

If you have an account with SBI, you may freeze your ATM card by following the procedures outlined below:

  • Launch the ‘SBI Mobile Banking’ app on your Android or iOS device.
  • The Services menu item may be accessed from the main screen of the SBI mobile banking app.
  • To temporarily disable an SBI ATM card in a matter of minutes, go to the “Services” tab and choose “Debit Card Hot listing.”
  • The account holder must next choose the debit account associated with the ATM card in question on the subsequent page.
  • The account user will then be prompted to choose the desired debit card from a drop-down menu.
  • The account holder must now specify the precise nature of the incident that led to the suspension of their SBI ATM card. Only “Lost” and “Stolen” are available to the account user.
  • The SBI ATM card user will subsequently be required to submit an OTP in order to verify the block (One Time Password). Afterwards, your SBI ATM card will be disabled.

The account holder has the option to prevent their SBI ATM card from being blocked if they do not intend to use it. SBI customers may simply ‘Turn off’ both local and international use of their ATM card to avoid fraudulent actions. SBI account customers may easily prevent unauthorized charges on their card this way. This feature is time-saving since the cardholder won’t have to unlock the card in advance of every subsequent usage. The card may be used again both at home and abroad by simply clicking the link to “Turn on” domestic and international use.

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