How to change Email ID in ICICI credit card online

Today We Know¬† How to change Email ID in ICICI credit card online. There is a vast variety of Credit Cards available from ICIC Bank. Keep your contact information with ICICI Bank current, especially your phone number and email address, if you have a credit card with them. If you’ve recently switched as your main email address, you’ll need to make the same adjustment with ICICI Bank.

Follow along as we show you the exact steps for updating your ICICI credit card’s email address on their web portal. It’s possible that you won’t always be at the same address, and that your phone number and email address will also change. Whenever your address or phone number changes, you must inform your bank. Follow these steps to ensure that your ICICI Bank account is up to date.

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Change/Update Your ICICI Bank Email Address

Customers of today’s banks can do much of their banking without ever leaving the house. Connecting a user’s smart device to their bank account information is made easier by digital services available today. Transactions involving money and other account services are simplified. Registered account holders of the Indian financial institution ICICI get full access. Use a bank’s services, such transferring money, checking your account balance or statement, adding beneficiaries, and more.

Banks are obligated to register their customers’ KY C information with Transact RBI. The majority of banks now provide digital platforms via which consumers may electronically submit their KY C data and contact information. ICICI Bank now offers mobile app and internet banking services, making it possible for users to register vital information from any location. The account holder is free to modify their information at any time, even after it has been registered.

The user must physically visit the bank, write a letter of request, and provide supporting documentation in order to get some information. Members who desire to alter their names on their accounts cannot do so using electronic means. However, the ICICI online platform makes it simple to update both your cell number and email address. The site also allows users to modify their credit card and account email addresses.

Change Your Contact Information Via Telebanking

Enter your user ID and password to access the ICICI Phone Banking app.

Select “Instabanking Services” under “Services and Aadhaar” to begin using the service.

To proceed, click the “Update Address” button.

Please fill out your full mailing address before clicking “Submit.”

Following submission, a confirmation window will appear.

It will take two to three business days for the address change to take effect on your account.

How to change Email ID in ICICI credit card online

Requirements to change ICICI Credit card Email ID change

  • You must have your User ID and Password for ICICI’s online banking system.
  • You must have your bank-issued mobile device and the mobile number associated with it.

Now that you have everything you need, we’ll go through the steps you may take online to update the email address associated with your credit card.

How to change Email ID in ICICI credit card online

With a credit card, you may update your email address without providing your card information.

  • Launch the browser on your PC or mobile device and go to the ICICI bank website. For more information, visit
  • To log in, choose the LOGIN tab and input your credentials. The OTP from your mobile device may also be used to access your account.
  • The “Overview” and “Personal Details” options may be accessed from the main menu, respectively.
  • Please proceed by selecting the “Update Email ID” button.
  • An OTP will be sent to the cellphone number you provided during registration. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the OTP and submit your request.
  • Once there, choose “For Email updation in credit card, please click here” to go to the next page.
  • The next page will prompt you to enter your new email address once you choose your credit card number from the drop-down menu.
  • To provide your email address, use the “Submit” button.

Done! You should get an email shortly letting you know that your email address has been successfully changed in the system.

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