How to check HDFC credit card application status

Today We Know How to check HDFC credit card application status.The credit card options at HDFC Bank are extensive. HDFC Credit Cards are well-liked due to its many perks (such as cash back, fast discounts, and dependability). This tutorial is for you if you have applied for an HDFC credit card and are curious about the next steps. We’ll take a look at the HDFC Credit Card application status checking process in detail here.The use of credit cards as a means of managing one’s income and spending has grown widespread around the world, with most people carrying at least one and sometimes many cards.

If you haven’t already done so, but are considering applying for a credit card, you may do so by visiting the websites of financial institutions like HDFC Bank, where you can learn about the many card options available and submit an application. Given the many options, here’s some advice on selecting the best credit card for your needs.There are a number of ways to see where your Credit Card application stands once you’ve submitted it to the Bank.Most financial institutions employ a mix of these factors to verify that the individual monitoring the status of a credit card application is either the applicant or a trustworthy third party.

When credit cards were first introduced, they were not widely publicised, so no one knew how to keep tabs on them. With the advent of digital banking, however, banks have also begun using technology to monitor the progress of Credit Card applications. The solution to the question “How to monitor Credit Card Application Status” is now at the touch of a mouse, when before it may have required many trips to the bank and constant hounding of relationship managers for information.

A customer may now check the progress of their Credit Card application from any computer with an internet connection, saving them the time, gas, and inconvenience of making a trip to the bank. Here are the several ways you may follow the progress of your credit card application:

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Things required to check HDFC credit card application status online

  • To apply for an HDFC Credit Card, you must have a valid mobile phone number.
  • After your application and supporting materials have been reviewed, you will get a unique 16-digit application number through text message or electronic mail. If you want to see where your HDFC credit card application stands, you’ll need that number.
  • OR Birth Date – If you do not have the application number, you may substitute the applicant’s date of birth.
  • OR Application Form Number – If you applied via the bank, provide the application form number.

How to check HDFC credit card application status

How to check HDFC Credit card Application Status

Currently, there are 3 simple ways to check the status of your HDFC credit card application.

  • Making use of the Online HDFC service.
  • By SMS.
  • To do so, go to Branch.

 How to check HDFC Credit card application status online

  • Go to forms/apply/cc track revamp/index.aspx on your desktop or mobile device to access the HDFC bank status tracker.
  • The application is shown on the monitor. Fill in your cell phone number that you provided earlier in the form in the first field.
  • The next step is to provide the DD/MM/YYYY formatted Application Reference number OR Form Number OR Date of Birth.
  • First, make sure you’ve entered the Captcha Code properly before clicking the SUBMIT button.
  • Your HDFC credit card application status is shown. My application status is “In Process,” which indicates that it is currently being reviewed and may be accepted or rejected at any time.

The HDFC credit card application status may be checked in this manner.

 HDFC Credit Card Application Status Via SMS

As soon as there is an update to your status, you will be notified through text message. HDFC Bank SMS handlers, such as HDFCBK, will deliver this message to you.

My application status changed from “Application in Process” to “Application Approved” through two separate text messages.

 HDFC card status Inquiry by visiting Bank

If you are unable to determine the status of your credit card application using the online or telephone methods, you may do so by visiting your local HDFC bank location. The bank representative will need you to provide identifying information such as your application form number, cell phone number, PAN card number, etc.

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