How to find ICICI Bank Customer ID

Today We Know How to find ICICI Bank Customer ID.When it comes to digital services, ICIC Bank’s website is among the finest in the business. One needs a registered cellphone number, Customer ID as a user id for internet banking, and a password in order to make use of the online services. It’s also important that your cell phone number matches the one on file with the financial institution. If you have an ICICI bank account but have forgotten your customer ID, you may be unable to use some online services.

You’ll need to have your ICICI bank customer ID at the very least for the first login to their online banking system, since this is how they track your account (Later you can change the username as per your choice). This tutorial will show you how to locate your ICICI Bank customer ID online, without ever having to set foot inside the bank.

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Requirements to know ICICI bank customer ID

  • You need to have access to the cellphone number the bank has on file for you.
  • Money account digits.
  • Checkbook/passbook or a printed statement.
  • A letter of greeting sent to you after opening an Account or Credit Card.

How to find ICICI Bank Customer ID

How to find ICIC bank customer ID online

Finding a customer ID is simple if you have access to Internet Banking.

  • To access ICICI Bank, please go to on your computer or mobile device.
  • To sign in, choose the Login option.
  • Put in your login details (Username/Password). Enter your Mobile number, ATM PIN, and OTP that was sent to your Mobile number to “Login with Mobile.”
  • In order to access your accounts, choose that option from the main menu after logging in.
  • Once there, choose “View Detailed Statement” from the menu on the left.
  • Select the “Statement by Mail” tab now.
  • After deciding how long you want your statement to be, click the “Submit” button.
  • A PDF version of your statement is on its way to your inbox through an Email from ICICI within the next few minutes.
  • Just type in the password to unlock the PDf statement. The email confirmation of your statement will provide instructions for creating a secure password.
  • The Customer ID is shown whenever you access the billing statement.

Here are only 10 easy steps to get your Customer ID.

How to find ICICI bank customer ID offline

If you need an ICICI bank Customer ID but don’t have your ICIC Net Banking User Id and password handy, you may attempt the following options:

Verify a customer’s identity using a passbook

Passbook is a service provided by ICICI Bank to its Savings Account customers. Get out the passbook and flip to the first page. Your name, address, phone number, and other identifying information are all shown. The other half displays information about the bank, including the branch’s name and address as well as its IFSC and Customer ID. You may make a note of the customer id for further reference.

How to find ICICI Bank customer ID using Checkbook

Your personal information such as name, account number, address, and customer id will be printed on the first page of your checkbook.
Familiarize yourself with ICICI Bank’s checkbook ordering procedure.

A Guide to Determining Your ICICI Bank Customer ID From Your Welcome Letter

The bank will send you a welcome letter to your registered address after you have established an account or received a credit card from ICICI. Learn the ins and outs of ICICI bank’s online address changing service.

The printed Statement is how you may find out your ICICI bank customer number

If you have taken a copy of your statement home from the branch and you still have it with you, you may have your customer ID added to the copy.

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