How to get ICICI bank statement by Email

Today We Know How to get ICICI bank statement by Email Internet banking and a mobile app are only two of the ways that customers of ICICI Bank may get to their money. Account statements are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) for online download. Email delivery of the statement is an option. If you have an ICICI bank account and are logged onto their website, you may easily see your bank statement online.

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the process of getting an ICICI bank statement through email. Bank┬ástatements from ICICI Bank provide account holders with comprehensive information on all transactions made with their money. All of the transactions that have been processed on the account for a certain time period may be seen by the account holder.

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Access Your ICICI Bank Account Statement Via Your iPhone

  • Launch the corresponding i Mobile app and enter your 4-digit PIN to log in.
  • To access your accounts and deposits, choose that menu item after logging in.
  • After that, just click on your account number to be sent to a new page detailing the most recent 10 transactions associated with your account.
  • The whole statement is available for download if you choose the “detailed statement” option.
  • Choose the appropriate statement range from the available options, or provide a custom time span.
  • The PDF may be seen by selecting the “Proceed” button and then the “View PDF” option, or it can be texted to your phone if you have provided that information.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the i Mobile bank statement download.

How to get ICICI bank statement by Email

How to Get ICICI Bank Account Statement Through Internet Banking

You may get your account statement online or by download using your ICICI ID and password. Financial statements for the last four years are available for download, and you can sign up to have new statements sent directly to your email inbox at regular intervals. As an added convenience, both the User ID and the password may be generated immediately upon request through the Internet.

Access your e-statement by logging into your online banking account, clicking “Bank Accounts,” “View Detailed Statement,” and “e-Statements,” and then choosing the time range for which you’d want to view or download your statements.

Requirements for ICICI bank statement by Email

  • Sign In to ICICI Online Banking with Your Username and Password
  • Code for ICICI Online Banking
  • The account’s email address must be connected and kept current. Learn the steps to update your icici bank email address.

Obtaining a copy of your statement via email is quick and simple using these login information and email id.

How to get ICICI Bank Statement online

Once a customer has registered their email address with ICICI Bank, they will have access to their bank statements electronically. Customers who sign up for a monthly subscription with ICICI Bank will begin receiving their monthly account statements in the mail during the first week of the month.

You can get your ICICI Bank e-statements without ever having to set foot in a bank, and they’re free of charge.

Follow these simple steps to start receiving your ICICI Bank electronic statements every month

  • Enter your User ID and Password to access the ICICI Net Banking site.
  • You may sign up to get your bank statements electronically by visiting the Banking page and selecting the “Account Statement by Email” option.

One other option for obtaining information regarding an ICICI Bank statement is calling the bank’s toll-free customer service line.

What are the benefits of ICICI Account Statement

The monthly statement from ICICI Bank is a fantastic resource for account holders. The use of such tools aids account users in monitoring their accounts for the purpose of correcting mistakes and recognizing patterns of expenditure.

Using one’s ICICI Bank statement, one may double-check the validity of any debit card purchases or bill payments that have been made using the account.

Financial institutions may assess additional charges, such as interest, fees, and penalties, on customer accounts. Bank account holders may maintain tabs on these with the aid of their monthly bank statements.

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