How to get SBI cheque book request through SMS

Today We Know How to get SBI cheque book request through SMS. Customers may conduct a variety of transactions from the comfort of their own homes using the many online services provided by SBI. Almost every financial service you might want is now available on your computer or mobile device. However, there will be instances when you can’t go online and will need to use a banking service. You can get services like these, like ordering cheque books, even if you don’t have access to the internet. Here, we’ll examine the process of requesting a cheque book from the State Bank of India by means of short message service (SMS). Receive an SMS with a detailed instruction on how to obtain a replacement cheque book.

Is State Bank of India a financial institution where you have an account? One of India’s premier financial institutions, State Bank of India serves customers in India and a number of other countries.

SBI strives hard to ensure client happiness by providing first-rate services using cutting-edge technology. When it comes to convenience, the banking system in India has been in the forefront of introducing cutting-edge tools for customers.
SBI clients get access to a variety of useful banking services. Here you’ll find information on how to easily and quickly receive an SBI checkbook via text message.

The first step in using this service is setting up an account. To sign up for the service, you must send an SMS message from your verified cellphone number. If you haven’t already done so, you may apply to have your new cellphone number linked to your bank account by visiting your home branch.

A client of State Bank of India (SBI) may request a cheque book by either physically going to a branch or using the bank’s online banking service.
The bank’s website states that “Requesting a cheque book is an online option. You may get a new cheque book for your savings, checking, cash credit, or overdraft account at any time. The number of check leaves in a cheque book may range from 25 to 100. You may either pick it up at the branch or have the branch mail or courier it to you. You have the option of having the cheque book sent to either your primary or secondary address on file. It takes three business days to ship a cheque book once it has been requested.”

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Things required to get SBI cheque book request through SMS

  • Phone number in file with SBI Bank.
  • You need to have a SIM card with an active plan in order to send and receive text messages.
  • Only if you haven’t signed up for SMS banking in the past may you download the SBI Quick App, which requires access to the internet for a short period of time.

How to get SBI cheque book request through SMS

How to get SBI cheque book request through SMS

  • If you want to use SBI Quick, you’ll need to download the app on your mobile device. If you don’t already have it, you may enable SMS banking by downloading the appropriate software from the Internet-connected play store or App store.
  • Simply launch the app and choose “Account Services” from the main menu to begin using SMS banking.
  • In order to sign up for SMS banking, choose the Registration option on the next page and then send the SMS.
  • Your SMS banking service will be activated shortly, and you will get a reply SMS stating this.
  • Repeatedly go the SBI fast app’s Account Services menu, and from there choose the Cheque Book Request Option.
  • To send the on-screen text message of CHQREQ to the number 9223588888, enter CHQREQ and hit the send button.
  • An SMS will be sent to you letting you know that your cheque book request has been granted.

The checkbook will be sent to the address you provided after a little delay. Be careful to update your contact information, especially your mailing address. Changing your address in SBI is something you should be familiar with.

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