How to get TDS certificate from HDFC bank online

Today We Know How to get TDS certificate from HDFC bank online.Customers who have HDFC bank accounts may now get their TDS certificates online using their mobile devices. In order to file an ITR or engage in any other kind of financial activity, you will need a TDS certificate. In this piece, we will explore the many online options available to get a TDS certificate from HDFC bank.

Every taxpayer is expected to submit their income tax returns (ITR) by the due date at the end of each fiscal year. The Indian government’s tax agency has extended the deadline for taxpayers to submit their returns. This gives the user the ability to look for the appropriate documents, such as TDS certificates and interest certificates. Taxpayers have until the 31st of December, 2021 to finish the process of completing their returns or they will be subject to substantial penalties from the Revenue department.

One must make a request to their investment banks in order to have access to the TDS/Form 16A form and the Interest certificate. The user is provided with the amount of tax that was deducted from the total interest payment made by a particular company during the fiscal year using either Form 16A or a TDS certificate.

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Things required to download TDS certificate from HDFC bank online

  • The HDFC Mobile Application Enter the password.
  • Your HDFC Online Banking Username and Password.
  • You should be in possession of the mobile phone number on file with the bank.

How to get TDS certificate from HDFC bank online

How to get TDS certificate from HDFC bank online

Your TDS certificate may be obtained in two different ways when you access it online.

  • By use of the HDFC smartphone application.
  • To be specific, HDFC online banking.

Every strategy will be examined closely.

How to get TDS certificate from HDFC bank using Mobile App

  • Simply access your online banking account and use those credentials to sign up for the HDFC mobile app.
  • Simply select Menu from the homepage’s main icon bar.
  • Then go to the menu and pick the “Your Profile” option.
  • To access the “Tax” submenu, click the “Finances” button.
  • Next, choose the “TDS summary & TSD Certificate” menu item.
  • A list of fiscal years and quarters will appear; select the appropriate one by tapping on the “Download Certificate” tab.
  • Download the TDS certificate by selecting the DOWNLOAD button.

How to download TDF certificate from HDFC online using Internet banking

  • Launch the HDFC Net banking website on your computer or smartphone by navigating to the following address: banking/.
  • Please enter your Customer ID along with your password to log in.
  • To inquire about something on the site, go to the homepage and select the Esquire option from the menu.
  • To conduct a TDS enquirer, select the option “TDS Inquiry” from the drop-down menu.
  • To download your TDS certificate, go to the new page and click the appropriate link.
  • At this point, choose the Fiscal Year and the Quarter of the year.
  • The certificate is now available for you to view and download on your personal computer.

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