How to redeem HDFC debit card reward points

Today We Know How to redeem HDFC debit card reward points.Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, the HDFC reward points scheme is a fantastic way to rack up some easy extra cash. Using the HDFC Payzapp or Smart Buy service to make purchases on Amazon earns you a 5% cashback. Using your HDFC debit card for purchases will earn you reward points that can be exchanged for cash. Following the steps in this guide should take you no more than 5 minutes, regardless of where you are in the world.

Most people today use some sort of plastic when making purchases or making travel arrangements, whether online or off. Use a debit or credit card because they are always more practical and less cumbersome to carry around. The convenience of debit cards eliminates the need to constantly worry about carrying large sums of cash. Generation Y consistently opts for cashless purchases.

When you use your debit card to make purchases, the debit card company earns a percentage of the total amount charged to your card. The term “interchange fee” describes the nature of this charge. Furthermore, this charge differs from one retail location to the next.Because of this, debit and credit cards offer an extra perk in the form of reward points. You earn reward points for making purchases with the same credit or debit card and allowing those points to accumulate in your account.

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Requirements for HDFC debit card reward points

HDFC Username or HDFC Customer ID for HDFC Internet Banking.

  • HDFC online banking secret key. Take a look at our instructions to learn how to reset your HDFC password.
  • An authorized mobile phone number. Learn more about updating your hdfc mobile number here.
  • The mobile phone number must be functional and able to receive one-time passwords.
  • First, we will learn how to access our HDFC debit card reward points.

How to redeem HDFC debit card reward points

 How to redeem HDFC debit card reward points online

Earning a sizable number of reward points is straightforward, and once you reach that threshold, your account will be credited accordingly. For HDFC banks, this process is painless. Use the HDFC online banking interface to cash in your points. You may use these points to buy plane tickets or whatever you find on the internet.

The following procedures must be followed if you are intent on cashing in all of your card’s points:

  • A visit to the HDFC bank’s online banking system is required. We recommend opening an HDFC online banking profile if you do not already have one.
  • After logging onto the site, choose the ‘cards’ tab from the menu at the top.
  • After selecting the ‘cards’ tab. The option to pay with a credit card or debit card will appear in a menu on the right. To ask a question about using a debit card, choose that payment method.
  • You need to choose the Cashback Inquiry and Redemption option from the ‘enquirer’ menu.
  • When you click this link, a new page will load asking for your account information. If you wish to redeem reward points from a debit card, you’ll need to provide the information for the account the card is associated with.
  • After entering your information, you’ll be presented with two options: promotional cashback or cashback for using a specific product feature.
  • Only cashback amounts of Rs. 250 or a multiple of Rs. 250 may be redeemed in the product features section. If, for instance, you have 400 reward points, that’s the same as having $400. As little as Rs. 250 of it may be cashed in.
  • However, you may cash in all of your points for Rs. 500. Remember that the smallest amount of cash you may get from your points is Rs. 250. There is a minimum Rs. 250 required to redeem points.
  • You should expect to see the redeemed funds in your HDFC Saving account within the following two business days.

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