How to Send Money Without Adding a Recipient HDFC

Today We Know How to Send Money Without Adding a Recipient HDFC. Customers of HDFC Bank may take use of the bank’s convenient online banking services to manage their accounts and send and receive money quickly and simply. In most cases, adding a beneficiary and waiting for them to become active are prerequisites to making an online banking-based money transfer. HDFC bank has just implemented a feature that allows customers to send money without specifying a recipient. You’ll find detailed instructions here on how to send money through HDFC without specifying a recipient.

You might think of transferring money to the recipient’s bank account when sending money, but many people don’t even have access to bank accounts. In fact, over 9 million people in the United States fit that description, according to a recent FDIC survey. If you don’t have a bank account, don’t worry; there are still plenty of ways to send money. We’ll discuss some of the most convenient, inexpensive, and quick methods of sending money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account.

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Things required to send money without adding beneficiary in HDFC

  • You need to have access to the registered mobile number at all times and be able to receive OTPs via text message.
  • HDFC Customer ID as well as the Password for Internet Banking
  • If you want to transfer funds using a mobile app but do not want to add a beneficiary, you will need the HDFC Mobile App Quick Access PIN.
  • In order to use the Mobile-IMPS mode of funds transfer, the beneficiary must provide their MMID as well as their mobile phone number.
  • UPI App that allows money to be transferred without needing to know the beneficiary’s account details.

How to Send Money Without Adding a Recipient HDFC

How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in HDFC Bank online

You may send money out of your HDFC account without naming a beneficiary in one of three ways right now.

  • In HDFC net banking or on the mobile app, the MMID technique is used.
  • By using the UPI mobile app to transfer funds.
  • Move money via the UPI app and IMPS.

The various approaches will be examined thoroughly.

How to transfer money from HDFC account without adding beneficiary

  • Get yourself set up with a customer id/User id and password for HDFC Internet Banking.
  • Now select “Funds Transfer” from the main menu.
  • Pick the IMPS-MMID radio button.
  • In the new window, type in the recipient’s mobile phone number and MMID. So that you can enter the correct MMID, you should inquire about the beneficiary’s MMID.
  • Make a payment using funds in your HDFC bank account by clicking the appropriate button.
  • After double-checking the information you’ve entered, click the Submit button.
  • The one-time password (OTP) has been sent to your mobile device. Type in the OTP and then hit the submit button.
  • All done, the money has been transferred to the designated recipient without any additional costs being incurred.

How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in HDFC using UPI App

With UPI, you don’t need the recipient’s account number or ISFC to send them money. You should be aware that there is a daily restriction to the amount of money you may move or spend using UPI. You’ll also need to have your registered mobile number readily available on your smartphone at all times if you want to utilize the UPI App. Smartphones are required for this technique to function.

  • Get yourself a UPI app, such as PhonePe, GPay, Paytm, BHIM, or any of the many others available. In addition, every bank has its own UPI App or UPI functionality built into its mobile app. We’ll have to make do with the PhonePe app for the time being.
  • To send money to a specific person, launch the PhonePe app and choose “To Contact” under “Funds Transfer.”
  • To add a new recipient, click the “+” button, and then input that person’s UPI ID. To make a payment to a beneficiary who also has the Phonepe app, all you need to do is search for their name and tap them to make the selection; no UPI ID is required.
  • It’s time to send the money and write a note (optional). If you want to have a certain amount taken out of your account, you may do that too.
  • To continue, enter your UPI PIN and submit the form on the new page.
  • After your PIN and the transaction have been validated, the funds will be transferred from your account to the beneficiary’s.

How to transfer money to beneficiary account using UPI IMPS method

A beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code will suffice for a UPI App transfer if they are not using any UPI App and do not know the UPI ID.

  • For the time being, open the UPI app Phonepe and select “Transfer Funds” before selecting “To Account” from the menu.
  • The beneficiary’s bank name can now be chosen.
  • Enter the beneficiary’s name and then the account number and IFSC code (if necessary).
  • You can now specify the amount you wish to transfer and the account from which the money should be withdrawn.
  • Enter the UPI PIN and then click the SEND button on the new page.
  • You have successfully transferred the funds to the designated account without adding them to your own.

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