How to UNBLOCK ICICI credit card

Today We Know How to UNBLOCK ICICI credit card.Online banking, mobile banking, and voice banking are all viable options for managing your ICICI Bank credit card. Unblocking an icici credit card is one example of this kind of service. When you are ready to use your card again, you may unblock it online if you have temporarily frozen it.

Here, we shall examine the process of removing the block from your ICICI credit card over the internet, step by step. When you temporarily block your card, you can only UNBLOCK it (hot listed). It is not possible to unlock a permanently blocked card; a replacement card must be ordered.

Learn why and how to ban ICICI credit cards. There are a lot of people who forget where they put their credit cards and then have to scramble to locate them in India. Therefore, they get into trouble since the recovered card is useless because it has been suspended. Not to fear however; if a credit card has been banned, it may be unblocked. Here, you’ll learn about the ICICI Bank credit card, including how to unlock it through the i Mobile app, the Customer Care number, and ICICI Bank’s Whats App banking.

The procedures for removing a block on a card are simple and straightforward, so you may easily accomplish your goal. Now let’s look at some of the options you have for retrieving your ICICI credit card.

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For i Mobile Pay, how does one ban and unblock a credit card

In the past, it was inconvenient or time-consuming to manage your Credit Card’s many functions. If you wanted to see your most recent bank statements, you had to either log in to Internet Banking or visit a bank branch, despite the fact that monthly credit card statements were sent or delivered to your actual address. Similarly, if you wanted to change your card’s settings—such as your credit limit or the ‘Convert to EMI’ feature—you’d have to contact the bank over the phone or go into a branch in person.

All of this and more can be accomplished with your Credit Card by utilizing the robust i Mobile Pay software from ICICI Bank. Anytime, anyplace, you may check your credit card statements, see your spending, and manage your credit cards online. Installing the i Mobile Pay app on your Android or iOS device and being connected to the internet is all that is required.

It’s one of the most useful banking tools, and it’s at your disposal right now. Now you can put a hold on your credit card and take it off hold with this handy app. Previously, if you lost your credit card or had reason to believe it had been stolen, you had to contact your bank immediately to have your card temporarily disabled. The i Mobile Pay app, however, has brought even this service online.

Let’s take a look at how the i Mobile Pay app may help you manage your credit card and even freeze it if you misplace it.

How to UNBLOCK ICICI credit card

Requirements to unblock ICICI credit card online

  • Your mobile phone number on file at the bank must be the one you use.
  • The mobile phone number must be valid and capable of receiving SMS in order to get OTP.
  • If you wish to utilize online banking from ICICI to remove the hold on your credit card, you’ll need your user id and password for that service.
  • Unblocking your ICICI credit card is as simple as downloading the Whats app app and entering your registered cellphone number.
  • If you wish to unfreeze your credit card using the i Mobile App, you’ll need a LOGIN PIN.

Use Whats App Banking to Unblock the Card

The ICICI Credit Card may also be activated with the usage of the ICICI Whats App Banking. If you want to use Whats App Banking to access your locked ICICI card, you’ll need to complete the instructions outlined below.

  1. You’ll need to start by adding 8640086400 as your ICICI Whats App Banking Number on your mobile device.
  2. Then, an OTP will be sent to your phone to confirm your mobile number.
  3. Enter Menu and hit the send button on Whats App.
  4. After that, you’ll be prompted to choose Credit Card Services from a list of available alternatives by entering the number 2.
  5. If you want to ban or unblock your credit card, press “7” and send.
  6. Unblock must now be typed and the message sent to the same Whats App number.
  7. You will then be prompted to enter the OTP that was sent to your verified cellphone number through the conversation.
  8. To send the message, please enter the six-digit OTP.
  9. When your ICICI credit card is finally unblocked, you’ll get a Whats App message reading “We have dehotlisted your credit card.”

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