Instructions for Withdrawing Cash from an SBI ATM without a Card

Today We Know Instructions for Withdrawing Cash from an SBI ATM without a Card. When it comes to serving its customers, State Bank of India has always been ahead of the curve. A trip to a local SBI office isn’t necessary to take advantage of the many convenient services available online. In today’s Digital India age, you can do almost any task online without ever leaving your house.

To make getting cash out of an SBI ATM easier, the bank has launched a new, cutting-edge technology that does away with the need for a traditional ATM card. You read it correctly; you may now withdraw cash even if you’ve misplaced or forgotten your debit or automated teller machine card. We will learn how to use an SBI ATM without a card in this tutorial.

Customers of India’s State Bank (SBI) may now withdraw cash from ATM’s without ATM cards. S Bi’s YONO online banking software allows users to withdraw cash from ATM’s without using a physical card. The whole service description and use instructions are provided below.

Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) may now withdraw cash without using a debit or credit card. Customers may make safe and easy withdrawals from ATM’s affiliated with the bank even if they don’t have a debit card. The Yono app, developed by SBI, allows users to withdraw cash from ABMs without the need of a debit card.

Things require for YONO cash withdrawal SBI ATM without a Card

  • The OTP code will be sent to your registered cellphone number with the bank.
  • Within 30 minutes of generating a code on the Yono app or website, you must withdraw cash.
  • At this time, YONO cash points are only enabled at a limited number of SBI-approved ATM’s. (Check the ATM’s outside sign or the YONO cash sub menu to be sure).
  • Sign in to your SBI account via the internet; if you don’t already have internet banking, you may sign up for SBI net banking.
  • The Bank requires the cellphone number to be on file. The sbi now offers online mobile registration.

Instructions for Withdrawing Cash from an SBI ATM without a Card

Instructions for Withdrawing Cash from an SBI ATM without a Card

Get the Yono SBI app for your mobile device. Yono SBI Android App Download Yono SBI App, available for iOS.

You may create an account on the app using your SBI Internet Banking Username, Password, and One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your phone.

Create a six-digit Master Password for the Yono app and use it to access the app. Select the ATM option after tapping the Yono Cash option on the main page.

Next, choose the desired withdrawal amount and click the Next button. (The minimum amount is Rs. 500 and all subsequent amounts must be multiples of 500; the maximum is Rs. 20,000)

Create a personal identification number for use with Yono Cash. Choose a 6-digit PIN and input it here.
Place a check mark next to “I agree to the terms and conditions” on the next page. and then click the “Confirm” button.

The YONO Cash Transaction Number has been sent to your cell phone. (This is a private transaction number; please do not disclose it).

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