Carl Anderson and family, with new member Blue

“South Beach OP has been nothing short of amazing, and this is all so much more than I ever expected. We can’t wait to bring him home!” Carl Anderson

South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc –

Sometimes all of the stars just seem to come into alignment for good people, and for active family man Carl Anderson, a veteran and a recent amputee, the “stars” (local businesses South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., and AlphA and Omega Dog Training) came together in the form of an energetic canine companion named Blue, a Pitbull mix with charm and personality to spare.

There’s no question that companion dogs bring a wealth of life-enriching positives into the home. They provide companionship and unconditional love, encourage activity, and reduce stress and anxiety. For someone with a physical disability, these attributes can literally be a lifeline. However, balance issues, instability, and the fear of falling make a well-trained dog a necessity, not a luxury.

South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc (South Beach OP) and AlphA and Omega Dog Training (AlphA and Omega) collaborated to find a companion dog for Carl as part of their “Rescue the Rescue” program, which matches appropriate rescue dogs with amputees and then provides the training needed to ensure the dog is a safe, supportive, and well-behaved member of the family. “South Beach OP does incredible work, so we’re really excited about this opportunity,” says AlphA and Omega lead trainer Karlon Simmons. “Donating our services to train Blue, and work with Carl, is a no-brainer. Giving an ability-challenged person and their companion dog the tools to interact safely and confidently is an invaluable gift that lasts a lifetime.”

Blue was being cared for by United Dog Rescue when the AlphA and Omega team found him. As they prepared to create a fundraiser in order to bring Blue home to Carl, another “star” stepped in. Jacqueline Kelly, Director of Marketing/PR at Elite Home Health Services (a South Beach OP community partner) took action as soon as she heard Carl and Blue’s story. “Taking care of Blue’s adoption fees so this could all come together just made sense to us. We’re thrilled to be a part of it!”

“Our patients are inspiring, and Carl is no exception,” notes South Beach OP Director of Business Development, Brittney Seale. “They’re family, so we care for them like family. We’re there alongside them throughout their journey, and being able to provide something as beautifully enriching as a companion dog is incredibly rewarding. We think Carl and Blue will make a great team.”

For now, Blue is boarding with the AlphA and Omega team for a few weeks of intensive training while Carl and his family prepare to welcome him to his forever home. Then, AlphA and Omega will work with the family helping them learn how to lead Blue in his continued good behavior. “South Beach OP has been nothing short of amazing, and this is all so much more than I ever expected. We can’t wait to bring him home!”

South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., is the leading provider of prosthetics in Florida, combining cutting-edge prosthetic techniques and materials with a passion for supporting patients holistically in their journey back to a full lifestyle.

AlphA and Omega Dog Training provides a variety of professional training programs to clients and their pets throughout South Florida and in Cleveland, Ohio. Trainers focus on meeting each client’s individual needs while building communication and confidence in both dog and owner.

Elite Home Healthcare is a CHAP accredited and Medicare certified home health care agency owned and operated by registered nurses, all with advanced skills and extensive experience in home health care.

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