Online HDFC Bank Address Change Instructions

Today We Know Online HDFC Bank Address Change Instructions¬†Customers. of HDFC Bank may use a digital banking feature that relies on fingerprints to access and manage their accounts. Address changes may be made quickly and simply using internet banking. Here we shall examine the 5-minute online procedure required to alter one’s address with the HDFC bank.

If you are a client of HDFC Bank and would want to alter your postal or permanent address, you may do so using the bank’s online banking system. Submitting a copy of your POA via online banking is all that is required to have your address changed.

All of the applicant’s accounts and cards with HDFC Bank, such as savings and credit, will be updated automatically once the address is changed.

To what extent are you familiar with HDFC Bank? As you may be aware, a bank must have a current address for each account holder. When additional attempts to contact an account holder are unsuccessful, the bank is required by law to maintain a record of the account holder’s last known address.

You need to make sure the bank always has your current address. You should let your bank know if you move or change your address. You must update your HDFC Bank account’s associated mailing address.

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Requirements to change Address in HDFC bank

  • Your HDFC user id OR your HDFC customer id.
  • Key for HDFC Online Banking
  • You must possess the mobile phone number that was provided to you when you registered. You
  • should be aware of how to change your HDFC cellphone number.

Online HDFC Bank Address Change Instructions

List of documents accepted as proof of Address

  1. You may provide any one of these items as evidence of residence. Keep a scanned copy of this document in case you are asked to submit it while changing your address with HDFC.
  2. Driving Permit.
  3. Voter ID.
  4. Adhara (Smart Adhara card is not accepted, and downloaded Adhara copy should be older than 30 days). If you must enter an Adhara number, make sure the first eight digits are obscured, as in XXXX XXXX 1234.
  5. Authorization to employ from NREGA, with a signature from a government official at the state level.
    The National Population Register sends you a letter with your name and address on it.

Changing Your HDFC Bank Account Address In-Person

  1. It is essential that you first get all identification and address proofs. Identity documentation, proof of current address, and a copy of your savings account passbook are all required.
  2. It is imperative that you bring both the original and a copy of all necessary papers.
  3. Step two involves putting pen to paper in an effort to be noticed by the Branch Manager.
  4. Your application should include a detailed explanation of why you need to move. Be certain to include your bank account information, personal information, and mailing address on the application.
  5. To access your account, please stop by the HDFC Bank location nearest you.
  6. Ask the executive at the help desk for a blank form to use when changing your address.
  7. Please provide the requested details by completing the form. Make sure the form is correct before sending it in.
  8. Include a completed application and copy of all necessary supporting papers with your submission.

When your request to alter your address has been processed and your new address information has been updated, you will get a text message at the mobile number you provided.

Address changes at HDFC Bank may be made within two to four business days. Next, you should update your bank passbook with your new address.

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