Lapsus$ gang claims new hack with data from Apple

Lapsus$ gang claims new hack with data from Apple Health partner

This time, the Lapsus$ hacking group is back. Lapsus$ claimed to have stolen 70GB of data from Globant, a Luxembourg-based worldwide software development business with customers including some of the world’s major corporations.

The compromised data included files named DHL, C-Span, and BNP Paribas, according to screenshots released by Lapsus$ and shared on Twitter by security expert Dominic Alvieri.

Lapsus$ gang claims new hack with data from Apple

The list included Facebook and Apple, the latter in a folder labelled “apple-health-app.” The data seems to be for Globant’s BeHealthy app, touted as software built in conjunction with Apple to monitor employee health practises using Apple Watch capabilities. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Globant admitted the attack later that day. A small number of customers’ source code and project documents were viewed, according to the company’s current research. “We have discovered no indication that other parts of our infrastructure or our customers’ systems were affected.”

We are officially back from vacation,” Lapsus$ said on Telegram, including a torrent link to the allegedly stolen material A week after seven alleged Lapsus$ members were detained by British authorities, the leak would indicate a rapid resumption to action.

The arrests came following a year-long investigation into the gang’s accused ringleader, a youngster living with his parents in Oxford. The FBI is also looking for information on Lapsus$ in connection with US firms.

The Lapsus$ gang has already infiltrated well-known technological businesses including Nvidia, Samsung, Microsoft, and Vodafone.

Recently, Lapsus$ was in the news for a cyberattack on the authentication platform Okta, which left thousands of organisations on edge. Because of Okta’s late revelation of the latter breach, it’s been deemed an embarrassment for the corporation.