What is HDFC bank transaction limit per day

Today We Know What is HDFC bank transaction limit per day.The most well-known and respected financial institution in India is the HDFC Bank. A great number of people like HDFC bank because of the quality of service they provide and the safety of their money. HDFC provides a maximum transfer limit every day using a variety of transfer methods for each of the several kinds of savings accounts it offers. In this post, we will find out what the daily transaction limit is for HDFC bank accounts. We will also look at ways to raise the restriction on the amount of money that may be transferred out of an HDFC bank account. Before we look at the restrictions on the transactions, please walk us through the steps necessary to transfer money online from your HDFC account.

Internet banking and mobile banking provided by HDFC Bank both provide access to a variety of various electronic means for the transfer of funds. Among them are the NEFT services, which may be used for the straightforward movement of funds. If a client wishes to send money via HDFC NEFT, he or she must have all of the relevant bank data, including the IFSC number of the bank that the money will be sent to. Through the NEFT service provided by HDFC Bank, there is neither a minimum nor a maximum amount of money that may be sent.

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How to transfer money from HDFC bank account

Many options exist for moving funds out of a savings account, including.

Through UPI Currently, this is the most popular means of sending money abroad. You may send the money safely using the UPI function of the HDFC bank app or any other UPI app, such as PhonePe, Google Pay, or Paytm.

Through NEFT Many consumers still like sending a sizable sum using National Electronic Fund Transfer(NEFT), which is the most reliable and secure method of transferring funds. After adding a beneficiary using HDFC internet banking, money transfers may be made quickly and conveniently over the internet or a mobile banking app, 24/7.

Through IMPS Money is sent instantly via the Instantaneous Payment System(IMPS). Once you’ve added a recipient and activated the feature, you’ll be able to transfer money right away.

Through RTGS  Utilize RTGS as your primary means of sending large sums of money.

What is HDFC bank transaction limit per day

What is HDFC bank Transaction Limit per day for UPI payments

  1. The daily rate is one million rupees. Each individual transaction within a day is limited to 1 lakh, with a daily limit of 10 transactions.
  2. No matter which UPI patent app you use, this restriction applies. For example, if you used PhonePe twice and HDFC Mobile banking UPI four times in a day, you would have used UPI a total of six times.

Free Charges Nil

What is HDFC bank Transaction Limit per day for IMPS

IMPS can be done in two different ways:

  • In India, the maximum amount that may be sent via IMPS with an account number is Rs 2 lakhs. The daily maximum allowed by the TPT.
  • A daily limit of Rs 5,000 per Cust ID applies to IMPS transactions made with a MMID via NetBanking and Mobile Banking. With mobile banking, you may send up to Rs. 5,000, and with net banking, you can send up to Rs.

Free Charges Nil

What is HDFC bank Transaction Limit per day for NEFT

  1. Two million rupees ($50,000). You are limited to a maximum of Rs. 2,000,000 per transaction when making a wire transfer. There is no daily restriction on the number of transactions you can make, but the total amount you may transfer is limited to your TPT limit (which will be discussed in more detail below) and a maximum of 50 lakhs.
  2. There are no service costs associated with NEFT transactions, and the service is accessible around the clock, including on bank holidays.

What is HDFC bank transaction limit per day for RTGS

  1. It is possible to conduct high-value transactions beginning at Rs. 2 Lakhs, with absolutely no limit set on the amount. (as much as your TPT allows)
  2. Online RTGS transactions are free of charge, while branch transactions cost Rs. 15.

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