Where can I look up my SBI MOD balance

Today We Know Where can I look up my SBI MOD balance.What we call Mods here at MOD HQ are Multi Option Deposits. SBI bank allows you to have any overage funds automatically sent to your MOD account. What is MOD balance and how can we achieve it? where can I find my SBI MOD balance and how can I access it?

The acronym “MOD” stands for “Multi-Option Deposit.” When your Savings Bank account reaches its maximum level, any remaining funds will be moved to your Multi Option Deposit Account. You should not panic; you have not really misplaced the funds. You may still access it at any time, however it will be labelled “MOD Balance” on your State Bank of India account. Keep in mind that the interest rate you get on your MOD amount will be more than the rate you earn on your savings account balance at a traditional financial institution.

Follow this tutorial to access your SBI MOD balance online. The procedure is straightforward. The catch, though, comes when your funds are sent to your MOD account. The sum in your Savings Bank Account will inevitably decline. Worry will set in for the account holder if this happens. This is common, but you shouldn’t worry since it reduces the possibility of fraudulent purchases. Assuming you’ve kept your login, password, and OTP safe from prying eyes. I’ll explain how to access your MOD balance using the bank’s online banking system.

Term Deposits with an associated SBI Savings or Current Account are known as the SBI Multi Option Deposit Scheme (MODS) (individual). If you need access to your money more often than once every ten years, as with a standard Term Deposit, you may access your MODS account and withdraw monies in multiples of 1,000 as often as you wish. The interest rate on your MODS account balance will remain at the Term Deposit rate in place when you opened your account.

Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) have access to a wide range of services. Need to check your SBI account balance but don’t have access to either an ATM or the internet? The SBI Quick app makes this possible. By simply leaving a missed call or sending an SMS from the customer’s registered mobile number to the SBI balance inquiry toll free number 9223766666, SBI Quick app users may get their account balance and mini statement promptly. The balance information will be sent to their phone in a matter of seconds. Only SBI clients whose cellphone numbers are on file with the bank will have access to this feature.

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How to check MOD balance in SBI

There are two fast and easy ways to check your SBI MOD balance.

  • With the use of the SBI YONO Lite App.
  • By means of Banking Online.

Each approach will be examined closely.

How to check MOD balance in SBI using Yono Lite App

  • Download the SBI Yono lite app and sign in with your online banking credentials.
  • After signing in, choose the “My accounts” menu item.
  • Select the Accounts summary option on the screen.
  • To proceed, choose Deposit Accounts from the new screen.
  • The current balances of all MOD accounts may be seen here.

How to check MOD balance in SBI using Internet Banking

  • Launch the https://www.onlinesbi.com/ mobile app or desktop site for SBI internet banking.
  • Enter your User Name and Password to get access.
  • Access this section by selecting Account Summary.
  • There is a new page where you may see your MOD accounts listed under the Deposits tab.
  • To see your MOD balance in SBI, choose the “Click here for balance” link.

To quickly and conveniently see your SBI MOD balance, follow these steps.

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